Film/ TV Show



Action and Drama Feature Film currently in post-production. Release scheduled for 2024

Last Release

Feature  film Speaker Boy based on a true story , filmed in L.A in 2023/ (English)

Earlier Productions

Short film version of the ultra low budget short film Sollow, filmed in L.A in 2023/ (English)

Short film The right place to go, filmed in L.A in 2023/ (English)

See trailer below of The Low Budget Short Film/Music Video of Lowkeyy Free Wooski , filmed in L.A in 2020/ (English)

Feature Film: ASCENSION 2 ( English 2012/ 2013)

Trailer of Ascension 2, 2012/2013 (English Private Pilot)

Asce 2

Feature Film: ASCENSION ( French 2011/2012)

See trailer below of Ascension, filmed in Paris in 2010/ 2011 (French)


Consequences - Season 1

Director Of Photography on Consequences: Season 1 (Episode 2 – Episode 7), 2017 (English) Now available on Amazon Prime

Behind the scenes film production by Sebastien Ricci

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